Dragon Rally

21st Dragon Rally


1998 - the first DRAGON RALLY wasn't always held at the end of July, It was originally held in early May. With the Brahman Rally coming to an end, the Dragon Rally replaced it, and went on to have five July rallies at the Old Pont in Banners Rest, Port Edward. Only once in that time did the rally move by a week to incorporate 9th August, Woman's Day, never to be repeated.

Since the Dragon Rally's inception it has always had an 11 class bike concourse, which has been well attended. All the trophies over all the years have been hand made by the club. From ostrich eggs brought in from Swaziland in boxes, to hatchlings, bikes in bottles, 3D printed dragon heads, even number plate trophies!

The river flooded regularly that time of year so it was only to be expected that the rally was going to have move to higher ground. Pity, as we used the Casino Gambler River Boat for river jaunts and booze cruises, with strippers to boot! And one year there was dragging on the Margate Airstrip which had to be stopped due to a Boeing 747 landing mid-day!

2003 - saw the DRAGON Rally move to Castaways Holiday Resort in Munster, 400 meters from the beach, incorporating the pub crawl, which went down very well with all 5 Pubs donating bottles of good stuff for the participants who won it all in a lucky draw. 10 years down the road, it was time to sadly, say goodbye to Trev and Dicky owners of the resort.

Hello to John of the Ifafa Holiday Resort, closer to the beach, in fact you could roll out of bed and get your feet wet it was that close. It was a tight squeeze, but it didn't matter. For the first time we had a full on restaurant, bottle store and mini supermarket with butchery right on site, but the down side - no chalets! Plenty of B&B's in the area though and the old old old Ifafa Hotel across the way.

2018 - Next move to Tugela River Mouth Resort - chalets on site, plenty of camping, decent parking, fair ablutions and lush surroundings, with the beach just a short walk away. Dragon Rally had never been on the North Coast, so it's a learning curve for all of us. There's plenty to see in the area, the road to Tugela River Mouth is brand spanking newly tarred road right to the resort gate. Situated halfway between Durban and Richards Bay, best of both worlds. There are alternative roads to get there other than the Toll Roads from Pongola side down through Melmoth and the Old North Coast Road running through Tongaat/Stanger. We'll make history here no doubt! We've found a local craft beer brewery who are keen to keep you lubricated. Mandini is the nearest town for fuel, ATMs etc., only about 15 km's away. So fill up before you get to Tugela! Looking forward to welcoming you all to the next Dragon Rally!